"It’s 2020, it’s still so difficult to blocked the tubular blockage?" "Don’t worry, listen to me!"

This problem of fallopian tube blocking is one of the main reasons why female friends are infertile currently. Especially from the clinical data, 80%of infertility women are suffering from voting tube blocking problems with varying degrees, soAwareness of strengthening prevention in daily life will become more important.

What are the effects of fallopian tubes?

Dr. Liu Jiafang, Dr. Liu Jiafang

1. Let the sperm and eggs meet smoothly.

Let the fallopian tube combine sperm and eggs

2. Transport the fertilized eggs to the uterus smoothly.

Next, the embryo is bed and breeding is the work of the uterus.

However, when the fallopian tube also has "strike", when the fallopian tube is inflamed or adhesive, the sperm and egg cannot meet, and at this time, it will directly cause infertility.

Wallopian tube blockage will cause infertility

So how should we prevent this problem against tubal blockage?

1. Pay attention to reproductive system hygiene.

Preventing the infection of various pathogens (especially sexually transmitted diseases) is the top priority.

What you need to pay attention to is that the occurrence of most ectopic pregnancy is actually caused by the blocking part of the fallopian tube. Therefore, the fallopian tube plays an irreplaceable role in the entire fertility process.When an ectopic pregnancy occurs, we should try to take a relatively conservative treatment method as much as possible to avoid cutting the tubal of fallopian tubes on the abdomen.

2. Try to avoid artificial abortion.

The flow of people is also the main cause of falling egg tubes. Due to mechanical or drug stimulation during artificial abortion, the uterine smooth muscles contracted. The contents of the uterine cavity will not only move in the direction of the uterine mouth, but also enter the fallopulocyte.It is easy to cause inflammation of the fallopian tube and cause blockage. If the fallopulonic cavity is completely obstructed, it will cause infertility. If a semi -obstruction is formed, the fallopian tube can easily cause ectopic pregnancy.

3. Small inflammation early found early treatment.

Female friends also need to pay special attention in daily life. Even ordinary inflammation should be paid attention. Once they are found to have genital inflammation and pelvic inflammation, they should be actively treated with effective treatment to avoid adhesion caused by inflammatory inflammatory infections caused by inflammation.

I am Dr. Liu Jiafang. If you want to know more about the fallopian tube, or if you encounter the problem of fallopian tube blockage during pregnancy, you do n’t understand. Welcome to leave a message at any time. I will answer them one by one!

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