"Is there an abnormal leucorrhea?"

Lands, also known as vaginal secretions.The outflow of leucorrhea is a normal physiological phenomenon of women. Normal leucorrhea is mostly white and translucent, with a paste and no odor.

Leucorrhea is a signal light for female gynecological health. One of the questions that doctors often ask during the outpatient clinic of the delivery is: Is the leucorrhea normal?What kind of leucorrhea during pregnancy is normal and what is abnormal?

1. Increased leucorrhea during pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomenon

The trait of leucorrhea changes with the change of estrogen, and it is different after pregnancy and pregnancy.

During pregnancy, due to the role of hormones and changes in blood supply, pregnant mothers will increase leucorrhea, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.Normal leucorrhea during pregnancy is usually white, odorless, weakly acidic, and diluted secretions.

2. Pay attention to leucorrhea during pregnancy and need to pay attention to the following situations

During pregnancy, different colors and properties of leucorrhea can reflect the physical condition of mothers and baby.Increased leucorrhea is normal physiological phenomenon and does not require special treatment; but there are increased leucorrhea and accompanied by changes in traits and color, when it is changed, odor or itching, it is abnormal.

If vaginitis is not actively dealt with during pregnancy, it is easy to cause uplifted infection to cause premature breaking fetal membrane, premature birth or infection in the fetal palace, and the fetal abortion or death caused by the internal distress of the fetus.

3. Specific symptoms of abnormal leucorrhea during pregnancy

1. The leucorrhea is more foam, gray -yellow or yellow -white thin -like liquid or yellow -green purulent secretions, accompanied by odor, vulva, vaginal itching discomfort;

2. Increasing leucorrhea is condensed or bean dregs with severe vulva vaginal pruritus discomfort, hot pain discomfort, and urinary pain;

3. The increase in leucorrhea is gray -white, uniformly consistent such as milk -like, thin and accompanied by fishy smell;

4. The leucorrhea during pregnancy is brown or bloody leucorrhea. If the vulva, vaginal, cervical lesions, anal hemorrhoids, etc. have been eliminated before pregnancy before pregnancy.symptom;

5. The vaginal fluid -like secretion of the vagina is more humid than the vulva, or the liquid flowing out of urine -like in the vagina. It is necessary to consider whether there is an early breakdown, and you need to go to the obstetrics in a timely manner.

4. Abnormal care for leucorrhea during pregnancy

Due to the rise of hormones during pregnancy, coupled with vaginal congestion, vigorous secretion, humid vulva, and vaginal flora environment changes, vulva and vagina are prone to various inflammation, such as fungal vaginitis, trichomonas vaginitis, bacterial vaginal disease, etc.Essence

The vagina as the birth canal during childbirth. If you accidentally have inflammation, under the guidance of a doctor, you should pay attention to the health care in daily life:

1. It is best to boil and disinfect the towels and underwear for 5 ~ 10 minutes, or soak it with hot water above 60 ° C. The underwear is exposed to the sun, do not dry it in the bathroom.Items

2. Avoid sharing towels, tubs, and toilets with their families (using disposable toilet pads). Do not wash underwear together;

3. Safety measures during sexual life to avoid cross -infections and repeated infections between husband and wife (it is best to prohibit sexual life during inflammation).

4. Pregnant mothers should avoid excessive sweet intake during pregnancy, especially for pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes, which can easily lead to high vaginal glycogen content. The pH value is acidic.inflammation.

In general, pregnant mothers should pay attention to personal hygiene during pregnancy. At the same time, they must also control their diet and exercise appropriately to improve their body immunity while helping the baby’s healthy growth!

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