"Insert" is expelled from pregnancy, but Japanese companies are accustomed to

I believe that everyone knows that Japan’s land area is only 378,000 square kilometers, which is a sizer of a province in my country, and the population of Japan has shrunk year by year, and women are difficult for women to balance the dilemma of families and careers.Recently, there have been strange incidents in Japan. Many local employers in Japan have asked female staff to "take turns" to become pregnant and have children.

According to the interview, 35 -year -old Zozi is one of the victims of the Japanese enterprise’s "pregnancy".After she tried to try to be pregnant for two years, the employer told her that her deadline had passed. Now it is another newly -married female colleague who is pregnant.It is stipulated that female employees must have fertility in accordance with the "rotation table".She said: "I was shocked at the time." After that, she resigned to another center and recently gave birth to a second child as expected.

And in this way of being forced to "rotate" fertility, there are everywhere in Japan. The scared editor silently be happy for himself. Fortunately, it is in China and not in Japan.Before, a man voted in the media, saying that he and his wife were reprimanded and forced to apologize by his wife and employer because of "cutting", which set off a lively debate of Japanese society on the phenomenon of pregnancy. Japan’s fertility rate continued to decline, causing a shortage of labor.Reasons for the prevalence of pregnancy.

Regarding our domestic behavior that cannot understand their behavior, Japanese experts said: "When people think that women are best to be full -time housewives, they will think that women can resign after pregnancy; if you want to continue working, you should wait for your turn.We only have children when we are. "And some Japanese people believe that some women not only do not realize that they are treated unfairly, but they will feel sorry because they ask for maternity leave.

The editor believes that Japanese employers say that letting employees queue up for fertility is a measure to respond to the shortage of labor, but this approach has exacerbated the problem of decline in fertility and form a vicious circle. If Japan wants to increase women’s labor participation rate, it must change the workplace cultureNo longer sacrifice private life for career as a praise.

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