"I am in a bad mood when I am pregnant, does it affect my child?" A foreign research gave the answer given the answer

A netizen said that since her second child, her mood has been irritable.Due to the words of her father -in -law said, she kept her heart and was resentful every time she thought of it.For so many years, she returned to her in -laws and bought new clothes for the New Year. Usually, the big things in the life of the old couple were handled by her. As a result, she did not fall at all. Instead, they were disliked by them.

Pregnant women may encounter some things during pregnancy and cause a bad mood. Does the growth and development of this bad mood fetus affect?

A foreign study stated that when pregnant women are in good mood, their bodies will secrete some positive hormones, which are conducive to the normal growth and development of the fetus; if the pregnant woman is bad, the body will produce a large amount of kidney epithelium hormones. These hormones will beWith the blood circulation into the fetus, it will cause the fetus to have the same bad emotions as the mother, and it may also destroy the normal development of the embryo.

In other words, if pregnant women are in a state of downturn during pregnancy, they will affect the growth and development of the fetus.

1. Children may be depressed

A psychologist said he had received a three -year -old child. The whole person looked gloomy, and there was no problem with the child’s examination, but the psychological test showed that some negative.After communication with a psychologist, the main reason was that the mother had been low during pregnancy.

This mother said that since she was pregnant, her mother -in -law was taking care of her, but her mother -in -law was very arrogant, she couldn’t say that she was not used to eating. When she said that the elderly people were not happy, she was careful during her whole pregnancy.She was so angry, so she was particularly in a good mood throughout her pregnancy.

Therefore, pregnant women must be happy during pregnancy, and their family must also give more attention to pregnant women.

2. Fetal malformations

The sadness of the mother may also cause the fetus deformity.The survey data shows that when pregnant women are in negative emotions such as fear, anger, irritability, and sorrow, the functions of all parts of the body will change significantly, resulting in changes in blood components. The adrenal cortex hormones will be secreted in large quantities, and then the fetus will affect the fetus through the placenta.The normal development of the brain can even cause fetal malformation.

Poor mood during pregnancy will not only affect the normal development of the fetus, but also affect the immune function of pregnant women themselves. Therefore, pregnant women must learn to relieve emotions during pregnancy.

When you are in a bad mood, you can practice meditation and meditation. Long -term exercises can help pregnant women maintain a good mental state.

Pregnant women are more sensitive during pregnancy, and many small things will be continuously enlarged, which will cause themselves to be upset.If you have your own hobbies during pregnancy, you will have to divert this attention.

A friend often read books during pregnancy and write about the baby. When the baby is born, she concentrates on writing. Now her income is good. They can bring their baby and do what they like. Such a life is particularly good.

Letting her husband and family accompany walking for a walk during pregnancy, which can not only enhance the feelings of the family, but also have a good effect on the growth and development of the fetus.

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