"Girls and men and men?" The difference between pregnancy is also so big. The pregnant mother’s belly type is particular about

Li Li (pseudonym) has been pregnant for 30 weeks. Since the first child is a son, this time, the second child’s mind is hoped to be a daughter.Every time you go to the birth check, you will ask the sex of the child in the doctor’s belly, but the doctor is closed without saying.So I found experienced old people in the village to help see the sex of the baby in the stomach.

When the old man saw Li Li, he said that the probability of 89 % in his stomach would be a handsome son, because the sharp belly looked like a "boy" belly.Li Li was doubtful to the old people’s words. It was believed that because of a while ago, the belly type of a treasure mother was really said by the old people, and she did not believe it was because she believed in science.But when he thought of his second child’s son, Li Li’s dream of "good" was broken.

Most pregnant mothers will encounter the problem of the baby or female baby in the stomach during pregnancy. The experienced elderly people will judge whether the pregnant mother’s belly type is "upper" or "lower arms".Is the stomach of a pregnant woman "upper" or "lowering"?What are the differences?This article will solve the confusion for the pregnant mothers.

Women will have a belly shape after pregnancy, and the specific shape of the belly shape is more obvious in the third trimester.According to the location of the fetus, it can be divided into two types: "upper" and "lower Huai". Different belly types give the pregnant mother different feelings, and there are different differences.So what are "upper" and "Xiahuai"?

"Upper" belly type

The "upper" belly type refers to the position of the fetus on the stomach, which is closer to the stomach.That is, the belly looks high from the outside, and the upper abdomen bulges.If you are pregnant, most pregnant mothers will be more uncomfortable during pregnancy, because the fetus is directly facing the stomach of the pregnant mother, and often can’t eat it.It would not be slightly eased until the baby entered the basin.

"Lower" belly type

The "lower" belly type means that the position of the fetus is under the belly, that is, the lower abdomen.From the perspective of appearance, the belly is not very obvious, and from the back, the butt will be larger.By the third trimester, the stomach will fall more powerful, and sometimes the pregnant mother must walk with her belly, and it feels that the fetus will fall at any time.

"Upper Huai" and "Xiahuai" are not implying the sex of the fetus

Regardless of whether the "upper belly type or the lower" belly type is actually normal. The reason for the different type of belly type and the "lower" belly type in the pregnant mother is caused by the different position of the fertilized egg.Whether it is ups and downs or nostalgia, it does not mean the gender of the fetus. The non -scientific basis of "upper woman and the man" does not need to believe too much.

Studies have shown that the pregnancy of pregnant mothers is still not only natural choice, but also varies from person to person.So why are the shape of a pregnant woman different?In fact, the reason why pregnant women’s belly are distinguished from the bottom and bottom is mainly related to the following factors.

Fertilization eggs in bed

When the fertilized egg is combined, if the position of the fertilized egg is in the lower part of the uterus, the belly shape will appear in the nostalgia; if the position of the fertilized egg bed is on the upper part of the uterus, the belly of the upper arms will appear.type.However, the position of the placenta will change with the increasing life of the pregnant mother and the increase of the uterus, so it is more obvious in the late pregnancy.

Pregnant mother’s pelvis

Some pregnant mothers will become larger after pregnancy, and the pelvic tilt will be larger, so that the fetus will appear in the case. If the pregnant mother’s pelvis is small, the fetus will be on the body before entering the pelvis, soShow the situation.

Pregnant woman’s body type

Generally speaking, most of the mothers with a thin body in pregnant mothers are mostly a belly type. Because the body of the mother can make the baby have no room for development in the stomach, so it can only develop vertically.The obese mother is likely to be a belly -like belly, so that the baby will have a better development space.

Fetal position

Some pregnant mothers are in the belly type, which may be because the fetus is in the horizontal position; if the pregnant mother is pregnant, the fetus may be the head position.

I believe that most women who have not been pregnant feel that the pregnant woman’s belly is similar. After all, the belly is equipped with fetus, but some fetuses are large, so the belly looks large; some fetuses are small, so the belly looks small.But in fact, I really know that the position of the fetus is not fixed, and the "upper" and "Xiahuai" will also give the pregnant mother a different experience.

The location of the belly is different

If the pregnant mother is pregnant, the belly will look relatively high and will be on the stomach; if the pregnant mother is in her arms, the position of the belly is relatively low.Especially in the third trimester, it will be obvious that the difference between upper arms and nostalgia will be obvious.Especially the pregnant mothers who are in their arms always feel that the baby is going to fall, and it feels a little shaking when she walks.

The feeling of pregnant mothers is different

The pregnant mother who is pregnant is estimated that the whole pregnancy is disturbed by pregnancy: I will be full, eat many times a day, can only eat a little each time, and the stomach is uncomfortable.The problem of poor breathing.However, the benefit of the pregnant mother who is in the hands is that they will not grow very fat during pregnancy, after all, they really "can’t eat".

The pregnant mother who is in her arms does not have such symptoms of regular stomach discomfort. After the first three months, she will eat it.However, because the fetal position is below, the pregnant mother will have symptoms such as frequent urination, pain in osteogenesis, and back pain.

Different body influence

There is a saying that "people who can’t see from behind the back may be pregnant with a boy, and the girl can be seen from behind it."The credibility of this statement cannot be explored, but if it is a pregnant mother, because the pelvis is small and the hip changes are not obvious, it is not easy to see pregnancy from behind.However, if it is a lower arms, the pelvis is larger and the hips are wider, and it is easy to see from the back.

Cici Mother’s message: Is your pregnancy belly?In fact, no matter whether the pregnant belly is upper or lower, there is no better thing, but the feelings that the upper arms and the lower heart brings different feelings to the pregnant mother.As long as pregnant mothers have a healthy and lovely baby in a balanced diet, appropriate exercise, and check -up on time during pregnancy.As for the sex of the belly, the pregnant mothers just listen to it as a joke.

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