"Family with Erbao" should be adhesive when you are pregnant …

Some readers come to letters Xuan Xuan:

"What is the uterine cavity adhesion?"

"Why did I stick to the uterine cavity?"

"Can you cure the uterine cavity adhesion? Can you cure it? Can you still get pregnant?"

Today, Xuan Xuan will take you to know the adhesion of the uterine cavity.

What is the uterine cavity adhesion?

At present, most experts believe that uterine cavity adhesion refers to the intrauterine adhesion or endometrial fibrosis, accompanied by the following or more clinical symptoms: decreased menstrual flow, amenorrhea, repeated abortion, infertility and placental formation abnormalities, etc., without the above symptomsIt is called asymptomatic uterine adhesion.

According to reports, the incidence of uterine cavity in the crowd of regular uterine hysteroscopy is 2.2%.The uterine cavity adhesion can cause infertility and cause trouble to many families, about 1.5%~ 7.8%of infertility patients with the uterine cavity adhesion.

Why suffer from uterine cavity adhesion?

After the surgery of the uterine cavity, some patients, such as Qingyu, abortion, diagnostic curettage, laparoscopic operation surgery, and after abdominal uterine fibroids, etc.It is "uterine adhesion".

The following is the chance of sticky stickiness after various operations:

1. 23% of laparoscopic surgery

2. Open surgery 51-85%

3. 73% cesarean section

4. 76% of sticky separation surgery

5. 82% of endometriosis (depending on the severity of the disease)

6. 68% of uterine fibroid division (different from the size of the fibroids)

What are the symptoms of uterine sticking?

The symptoms of clinical adhesion of the uterine cavity are usually the less menstrual flow or the menstrual blood cannot come, or the duration of menstrual blood becomes shorter.In addition, the endometrium cannot increase to the general thickness, which will also reduce the probability of embryo bed.Therefore, it is important to track your own menstrual period. Not only can you take good care of childbearing measures, but you can also know whether your body has problems.

The impact of uterine cavity adhesion on pregnancy

1. Light adhesion will form some membrane -shaped or rays of substances in the uterine cavity, which has little impact on menstruation and cannot even be detected.

2. The heavy adhesion will cause completely destruction of the endometrium of the uterine cavity, causing extremely reduced menstruation or even amenorrhea.

3. When the uterine cavity adhesion, the lack of endometrium will affect the fertilized eggs in the uterine cavity "settling home", leading to infertility;

4. The endometrium lacking blood supply and hormone support cannot provide sufficient nutrients for the embryo, resulting in the failure of repeated embryo planting, and the endless pregnancy ending such as embryo stop and abortion.

The uterine cavity is the only sacred place for pregnancy,

Regardless of the sisters are natural conception, artificial fertilization or IVF,

In the end, you have to use this place,

So it cannot be damaged in a slightest,

But this palace is attacked by any bad things in the outside world at any time.

Such as peritonitis in the abdominal cavity, cecumitis,

Such as bacterial virus and parasites from the vagina.

In addition to destroying the integrity of the endometrium,

Stirring the damaged uterine cavity wall continues to secrete viscous liquid,

The original flat uterine cavity wall is entangled with each other (that is, sticky),

As a result, menstruation is not like menstruation, space is not like space,

Infertile tragedies will be staged because of this.

So cleaning and cleaning are still the only guarantee for women’s uterine health.

Can the uterine cavity adhesion be cured?

According to statistics, the recurrence rate after uterine cavity adhesion is 3.1%to 23.5%, and the recurrence rate after severe uterine cavity can reach 20%~ 62.5%.After the cure of the uterine cavity can be pregnant, it can be pregnant, but the possibility of complications after pregnancy such as abortion, premature birth, limited fetal growth, and placental abnormalities will increase significantly.Therefore, everyone must try to avoid artificial abortion caused by accidental pregnancy. Do n’t regret it until the uterine cavity adhesion is occurred.

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