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The latest judgment of Zhong Nanshan

About 11 to 1.2 billion people in the country have infected the new crown

On the afternoon of May 15th, at the launching ceremony of the clinical research research after the listing of Laitile, Zhong Nanshan, the winner of the Republic Medal and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the mainstream new crown virus strain currently popular in Guangzhou is XBB1.9.1.According to the current data of the popular rib clinics in Guangzhou, 20%-25%of the heating patients who have been tested are new coronal virus infections.

Zhong Nanshan introduced that whether there are symptoms or symptoms, if the antibody corresponding to the new coronal virus in the body increases, it means that the human body has been infected.From this perspective, according to the measurement, about 85%of the country in the country had infected with new crown viruses, with about 1.1 billion to 1.2 billion.

According to relevant laboratory research and real world research in Singapore and other places, the antibodies generated after the infection of the new crown virus can protect the human body within 4-6 months;It will weaken, "From December last year, it has now reached this time."

Zhong Nanshan revealed that in the next step

On the one hand, it also needs to develop vaccines that can cover XBB mutant strains, including the MRNA vaccine and recombinant protein vaccine. These vaccines are mainly for some special groups, such as the elderly with low immunization or other serious basic diseases;

On the other hand, once the new crown is infected, timely drug treatment should be given, which can greatly reduce the mortality.

Data and control department release data

Such people are the most susceptible to infection

According to Jiangsu Disease Control, at present, the main popular plants in the new crown virus in my country and Jiangsu Province are the XBB series of mutant strains.However, from the current monitoring data, compared with the early Asian branches of Omikon, XBB mutations have not changed significantly.

According to the Jiangsu Provincial Star Survey, more than 2/3 of the infected people are currently not infected before.Due to previous vaccine vaccination and natural infection, most people still have different degrees of immunity to the new coronary virus.

According to the People’s Daily’s Health Client, reporters called many three -sectors in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou on May 15th. Many staff members said that they need to queue for more than half an hour for the current consultation, and some hospitals need to rank for 3 hours.A staff member of a three -level hospital respiratory department said that the recent clinic infected patients in the clinic did increase, with the first infection and Eryang. "In terms of proportion, there are more people who are infected for the first time."

On May 11th, the Beijing CDC announced the Weekly Epidemium in the 18th week of 2023. At the 18th week of 2023 (May 1, 2023 to May 7, 2023), a total of 1,0508 cases of 16 cases of statutory infectious diseases were reported.The top two cases are in order of new coronary virus infection and influenza.

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Source: China Youth Daily

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