"Child Children’s Cold was prescribed 800 yuan medicine" exposed pharmacy supervision shortcomings

Author: Shi Ben

On June 24th, a woman vomited her child on the Internet to buy medicines in a chain pharmacy in Shanghai because of a cold. As a result, the other party was equipped with a cold medicine of 824.8 yuan. She questioned the pharmacy for excessive medicine.On the 25th, the pharmacy involved said that the relevant departments of the headquarters have been involved and are communicating with the parties.The Huanqing Market Supervision and Management Institute of the Market Supervision Bureau of Shanghai Pudong New Area responded that it has paid attention to the matter from the Internet, and the specific situation is still verified, and the staff at the scene have been dealt with.(June 26 "Yanzhao Metropolis Daily")

In the face of doubts, the pharmacy involved said that the drugs were "unified price", and the pharmacy did not pricing randomly.However, in this incident, the price of drugs is only a secondary problem. It is the key to whether drugs are appropriate and whether pharmacies have excessive sales.If the patient is used in an excessive amount of medicines that are not necessary or very small, it is wrong to be fair even if the price of drugs is fair.The medicines used in the pharmacies this time are carboxymethyst tank solution, Xuanmong cough -stop agent, and blue cymbal particles. These are all auxiliary drugs. In hospitals, the use of such drugs has been strictly limited.

The rationality of medication is a problem with medical technology, while the price of drug prices belongs to the market management category.This also means that this matter should first pay attention to whether the medication is reasonable, and the second is whether there is a problem with the virtual high price.Pharmacy first responds to the price of drug prices. On the one hand, there is the focus of the transfer of the problem. On the other hand, it exposes the shortcomings currently existing in pharmacy supervision, that is, the supervision of drug prices is simple and easy to supervise, and the medical technology supervision is insufficient.To monitor whether pharmacies have problems in medical technology, they need to establish a complete institutional system and invest certain technical forces.The current supervision of pharmacies is usually limited to market management, and technical supervision is lacking in ability and lack of rules.

If the doctor in the hospital wants to prescribe a large number of auxiliary drugs to the patient, first of all, you have to think about whether these drugs have been on the key supervisory list and whether the prescription will be characterized as a "large prescription" (ultra -normal prescription, non -adaptable medication for drugs, unpopular drugs for medication for medication for drugs, unpopular drugs for medication for drugs for medication.), And worry, if the medicine is used to form a habit, the "proportion of medicines" (during the process of seeing a doctor, the proportion of the cost of buying medicines to buy medicines) will have the risk of breakthroughs.In addition, doctors will also worry that the pharmacist and the department director may raise objections, and peers may also look down on their own morals and ability.In other words, in the hospital, doctors have formed a complete technical supervision system for doctors, which can prevent doctors from prescribing excessive medicines.

But in pharmacies, such technical supervision seems not enough.The pharmacy can neither form a peer to supervise each other like a hospital, nor can it form a technical supervision team to perform daily technical supervision such as the quality evaluation of medical records and prescription reviews.In addition, the main business of pharmacies is to sell medicines, which also leads to "big prescriptions" and drug marketing phenomena easily appear in pharmacies.

The lack of technical supervision of pharmacy has become more and more prominent.In the past, buying medicines in pharmacies rarely involved reimbursement, and usually can only be purchased at their own expense or through medical insurance personal accounts.However, with the deepening of medical reform and the improvement of medical insurance benefits, pharmacies can enjoy the reimbursement treatment of outpatient clinics. At that time, the "big prescriptions" and drug marketing behaviors of pharmacies not only allow patients to take more useless medicines, but they also existThe risk of obtaining medical insurance funds through pharmacies.At the moment when medical insurance benefits are increasing, strengthening the technical supervision of pharmacies has become a top priority.

When a pharmacy appears suspicious phenomenon such as "children’s colds are prescribed 800 yuan medicine", supervision cannot be limited to whether the price of drugs is fair, but to transfer the focus to the technical level of the prescription rationality.Personnel of on -site law enforcement should not be just market supervisors, but also technical personnel in medicine and pharmacy.The hospital is responsible for the internal organization of quality control and the fund intelligent audit system of the medical insurance department, which can be copied or covered with the pharmacy.These measures to enhance the technical supervision capabilities of pharmacies are worth trying.(Shimben)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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