"Chestnut" can’t eat casually?Doctor reminds: Especially these 6 people, to listen to persuasion

Today is the season when chestnuts are on the market. In addition to some vendors’ stalls to sell raw chestnuts, the sugar fried chestnuts on the streets are red again, sugar fried chestnuts, and honey chestnuts.There are chestnuts, chestnut roast cabbage, chestnut cake, etc. in the hotel, and the saliva is 3,000 feet!

Chestnut is a very popular dried fruit. Its nutritional value is high, the price is affordable, and it is also known as the "king of dried fruit".Chestnut not only has a sweet taste, but also has a lot of nutritional value.

In the folk, there is a saying that "July Cafe in August and August, September chestnut laugh haha", chestnuts are also called chestnuts, which are rich in starch, protein, B vitamins and various minerals. They have good health effects, butChestnuts cannot be eaten casually, especially the following types of people.

1. Babies under one year old eat chestnut carefully

The nutritional value of chestnuts is high, especially the high -quality protein in it. After the body, you can supplement the nutritional needs and effectively replenish calcium elements. It is the baby to help promote the healthy growth of bone bone.Children’s gastrointestinal development may cause indigestion or gastrointestinal blockage.

2. Those who are weak in the spleen and stomach eat chestnut caution

Although the chestnuts are rich in nutrition, they have high gastrointestinal functional requirements for eating people. It is difficult to digest for chestnuts. Cooked eating can easily lead to stagnation.It’s not suitable for eating too much, be sure to chew slowly.

3. Careful eating chestnut during confinement

Many people like to eat steamed chestnuts when confinement. Although they taste delicious, they ca n’t eat too much. It is mainly because the chestnuts are difficult to digest, and the confinement itself is relatively weak. Too many chestnuts may cause constipation.

4. Those who want to lose weight eat chestnuts carefully

Holding a pack of hot sugar chestnuts in autumn and winter should be very happy, but it is not suitable for people to lose weight. It is said that eating 10 chestnuts is equivalent to a bowl of white rice.It is enough to prove that its calories are high, so it is necessary to control the intake or increase the amount of exercise consumption.

5. Constipate those who eat chestnuts with caution

The starch content of the chestnut itself is difficult to digest. If you have constipation, you must be cautious, it is difficult to digest and increase the symptoms of constipation.

6. Diabetes people eat chestnuts with caution

Although chestnuts are nuts, they are not as rich as peaches, almonds, etc., but the starch it contains is very high.Excessive intake of diabetes patients can only affect blood sugar stability, so you need to treat it carefully when eating chestnuts.


You can usually use the "煨 method" in the method of traditional Chinese medicine. First, wet the chestnuts, wrap the flour, and then put it in the ember of charcoal fire to slowly heat until it is cooked through the shell coke.

Chestnut roasted chicken

The chestnut roast chicken can better play the effect of the chestnut temperature and replenishment, and achieve the role of nourishing essence and blood.It is not recommended to eat more chestnut roast duck. The chestnut warm duck meat is cold. The combination of the two will weaken.

Chestnut porridge

For the elderly with poor teeth, in fact, the method of making chestnuts can be used to make porridge, which can nourish qi and nourish blood, and can also nourish the kidneys. It is suitable for people with spleen deficiency, kidney deficiency, and lack of yang.

Although chestnuts are nuts, nutrition is similar to potato, and the starch content is very high, but there are no other nuts that contain oil. Dry chestnut carbohydrates are as high as 77%, which is similar to the rice noodles we usually eat.It also contains 40%of which is twice as close to sweet potatoes.

Fresh chestnut contains plant protein, a small amount of fat and rich carbohydrates, and various minerals. On average, the amount of potassium per 100 grams of chestnut contains up to 442 mg, which belongs to high potassium food.

About 10 chestnuts can top a bowl of rice, there are more than six or seven at a time, chestnuts are rich in starch, so there is such a statement. In fact, in terms of nutritional value, the content of rice is not as rich as the chestnuts.

Although the chestnuts are good, they cannot eat too much at one time. After all, it will affect the increased belly, so that the sugar fried chestnuts have penetrated into a small amount of sugar and oil, and the calories are higher, so pay more attention.Classic dishes include jujube chestnut chicken, chestnut braised pork, etc.

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