"Chapter 84" Pregnant Poison of Pregnancy

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It is Princess Qian!

She looked at Mingxi, looked at me again, and said with a smile: "The capital is too hot recently. I have always wanted to find a place to avoid the summer. I heard that the six siblings were going to Lane Mountain Academy.I care.

Lime Mountain is close, and the academy is a secluded place, so I rushed to catch up with my face … I don’t mind if I go with you, right?After there, I can be a companion with the sixth brothers and sisters, and there can be a response to each other!"

"Lanyue Ming" Chapter 84

Section 1

I naturally don’t want Princess Qian to go together. This woman has false, savvy, and calculations from the inside out, making me bored and hate it from the inside.

However, she asked me so much, but how could I refuse?Limin Mountain Academy is not just me!

Moreover, as soon as I set off in my front foot, Princess Qian caught up with her back. I am afraid that I heard that Qing Ru and I would go to the Summer of the Lights Mountain Academy. I was afraid that our trip had another purpose, so I followed it so hurriedly.

Do you want to monitor us nearby?Still a conspiracy, to frame me and Qingru again?

But then again, wouldn’t it be too obvious if Princess Qian really had such a mind?

She and King Qian, deep -hearted, and spicy means, should not make a stupid move without silver.

My heart moved fiercely, is it … What secrets hidden in the Lime Mountain Academy, the King of Qian and his wife was afraid of being discovered by me and Qing Ru?

Otherwise, why did Princess Qian perform so eager?

chapter 2

Thinking of this, I also piled up with a smile, and said with a tone: "Erfu wants to go to the summer, my sister naturally can’t ask for it.

Princess Qian listened to me, and she was unbagislable: "The sixth brothers and sisters are really refreshing, no wonder the queen queen likes you …"

Mingxi interrupted her and pretended to ask casually: "Did the second sister come by himself? Why didn’t the second brother come to send you?"

Princess Qian glanced at Mingxi and blame: "Speaking of this, I have to find the sixth brother to calculate the account. It’s not because of you.Brother Er.

Even the sixth brother, you have no clue case, where can he find the murderer?But your second brother is honest, saying that the father emperor was so burnt on this matter, he couldn’t bear it … This is not, the body is not good yet, so he took it up.I had time to control me, I had to bring my two girls by myself.

The sixth brother is clever, pushing this bad issue that is not good, and accompany the sixth brothers to play the mountains to play with water … Look at your pair of fairy family members, it makes people really envy!"

Section 3

I sank in my heart.

The words of Princess Qian’s seemingly jokes contains sand -filled shadows, which made me feel indignant, so he was polite: "The two words are bad. I heard that the emperor was ready to give it to King Qian to check at the beginning. It was him.He said that his body was weak, and he recommended Mingxi to the emperor … This made Mingxi be in danger and encountered danger several times.

If it wasn’t for Mingxi responsible for recovering the case, the thieves would not be able to retaliate against him … Now Mingxi is physically and mentally disturbed, and King Qian, as a brother, should also bear the responsibility of the prince.

Speaking of which, Eryi went to the academy for a while, and saved the thieves and gangsters in the case, and then revenge on you … But the main force of the thief has been cleared by MingxiThe bandit, it is expected that it is difficult to set off any storms, maybe the second brother can still make a success!"

Section 4

Princess Qian’s expression, but she quickly smiled again: "Look at the mouth of the six siblings, but it is really unwilling … It seems that I don’t understand the situation.Representative husband, thank you! "

This woman, it is really difficult to deal with, no matter what, she will never be annoyed, and she will always meet.Everyone wants to find out what she knows from her mouth.

I have predicted that with the joining of Princess Qian, Qingru and I have a trip to Qingliang Mountain, I am afraid it is more dangerous than expected.

However, when it comes, it is peaceful.Since the princess Qian is in a ghost, I can just take the opportunity to glimpse her intentions, maybe I can still gain unexpectedly.

Everything has just begun, who is not necessarily dead.

So I stopped saying much, signaling the car husband to set off.

In this way, we accompanied Princess Qian and continued to move towards the direction of the Lime Mountain Academy.

After the carriage started again, Nan Sheng whispered in my ear quietly: "The princess, follow the two maids of Princess Qian, the one who wears a purple dress is Miao Yan, who spreads rumors everywhere!"

I nodded calmly, and I had a careless care in my heart.

Section 5

Near noon, I finally saw the simple and elegant door of the Lime Mountain Academy.

The carriage stopped on the open space in front of the door. Master Chen of the academy had greeted his family members at the door.

Yuan Kai also came with them. He hadn’t seen it for half a year. He grew a lot taller, and he was a handsome and upright teenager.

Yuan Kai’s changes were very great. He raised his hands and was not as willful and mad, but he was polite and stable.

Seeing us, he leaned over to salute, and he respectfully said: "The elder sister is well, my brother -in -law is well!"

Looking at Qingru again, he said softly, "Sister, are you here!"

In Qingru’s eyes, he immediately covered a layer of tears.

She walked over, took Yuan Kai’s hand, and examined it carefully until Yuan Kai whispered: "Sister, go in, you run for a long time, you must be tired … Especially the eldest sister, you need to be good.rest!"

When I heard Yuan Kai saying this, Qing Ru and I looked at each other with a gratifying smile on their faces.

I am not surprised to change Yuan Kai’s changes.At the beginning, Zhou Fu suddenly changed, and his father and Song Xiaofiang died one after another. Yuan Kai was impacted and his mind changed greatly. In addition, he would have to understand.

I introduced the Princess Qian to everyone again. After some greetings, we stepped into the academy under the leadership of Master Chen.

Section 6

The Limeng Mountain Academy is divided into two parts. The front yard occupies a wide range of places. In the east is the place where Master Chen lectures and teach, and the west is the collection of the library building and the students.

The backyard is the inner house where Master Chen’s family lives.

Master Chen’s wife took a few servants and was busy. He settled and met with Princess Qian in the east and west chamber of the house.

The back house is separated from the front yard. Although the courtyard is not large, there are towering ancient trees and lush flowers and plants.

Four or five family -Ding Fu women shuttled in, and the family died of drinking water for the horses, and the servant woman brought us tea and delicious meals.

It seems that the inner house of this academy is like ordinary people living in the depths of the mountains and forests.

Section 7

After Qingru and I settled properly, under my urging, Mingxi returned to the capital on the same day.

King Qian has taken over the killing and robbery of the capital. I think he should have a move soon, and Mingxi has to keep him in the capital.

On the academy, I always pay attention to Princess Qian everywhere.

However, for a whole afternoon, I did not see Princess Qian out.After the sunset in the evening, she was accompanied by the two maids, and she was free to walk in the courtyard.

In the next two days, Princess Qian was completely like a summer shelter. There was no contact with anyone, and there was no abnormal behavior.

Occasionally encountered in the courtyard, she would say hello to me very closely, or stood and chatted, but between the conversations, all of them were living with each other, or the abdomen in the abdomen.

In addition, she didn’t come to disturb me, and never even came to my room.

Section 8

In this way, unknowingly, Qingru and I lived in the college for five days.

The courtyard is quiet all day long. Except for the two servants who are responsible for sweeping, there are only one in their thirties. They seem to be honest and honest, and they are responsible for picking water and fighting.

Our three meals a day are made in the kitchen of the academy, and a middle -aged servant woman is sent.

Although it is not a mountain and sea flavor, the ingredients are fresh and the taste is good.

At night, the academy was silent, and the mountains were sturdy, while bringing coolness, it also showed the tranquility in the mountains, which was very suitable for sleeping overnight.

Everything is fine, and I start to doubt whether my judgment is wrong.

Although it is also in Limeng Mountain, this academy seems to be the existence of peach blossom source, and the brutal mountain thieves are completely in two worlds.

Qing Ru’s heart gradually calmed down, and no longer thought about other things, but simply felt that in this hot midsummer, it was a wise move to live in the college housing hidden in the mountains and forests.

Section 9

That day, Qing Ru called me up early and asked me to go to the courtyard before the sunrise.

In the early morning in the mountains, the air was slightly cool, and the freshness was fresh.

Qing Ru and I took Nan Sheng Jinge and walked slowly along the path of the courtyard.

After all, it was summer. After a quarter of an hour, there was a layer of fine sweat.

When I walked to the southwest corner of the courtyard, Qing Ru saw the well in the yard, and her interest was big. She stopped and said, "Sister, let’s get a little well water to wash his face."

After coming to the Limin Mountain Academy, after changing the environment, Qingru seemed to restore his previous brightness.

I looked at her, and I had a shallow joy in my heart.

This time, I came to Limeng Mountain for a small live, and even if I couldn’t attract the thief, I couldn’t catch the handle of Princess Qian. As long as Qing Ru could forget those past events, this trip was not false.

Section 10

So, I nodded with Qingru, and readily agreed: "Okay, you can use this well water to cook tea later!"

Nan Sheng and Jin Ge also followed in the past and picked up the barrels by the well.

I just threw the wooden bucket tied to the rope into the well. The thirty -year -old family just picked the bucket and said, "Noble, this well is very deep, and the water is quite laborious.Help you! "

Having said that he held the rope, leaned down at the well entrance a few times, and tilted a bucket of water out.

Then, he unbuttoned the rope, put the barrel down the well, put it in front of us, and asked respectfully: "Do you want a villain to help go back?"

Section 11

Qing Ru said happily: "Wait a while!"

She reached out and picked up a handful of well water, took a sip of her mouth, and said excitedly: "The well water that just hit the first time is sweet … Sister, do you want to taste?This water is too cold, let’s go back and cook … "

I didn’t speak, but stopped abruptly.

I looked at it in amazement, and saw that Qingru’s eyes widened, and his hands couldn’t control his hands, and the water in his hand flowed down and spilled her.

A horrifying light in her eyes stared at the hand holding the wooden barrel with staring at the family, and her body trembled violently.

-Chapter 84 End-

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