"Can ducks eat Fushou snail?" Wuhan Technology reporter interviewed experts from experts

On April 15th, it was co -sponsored by the Office of the National Security Council of the Wuhan Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Wuhan Science and Technology Association.The launching ceremony of the National Security Education Day event was held in Wuhan Science and Technology Museum.The eight small reporters were invited to interview with the editor’s teacher. The "Wuhan Science and Technology Correspondent" printed behind the "Orange Vests" LOGO was particularly eye -catching.

After the teacher emphasized the precautions and today’s interview, the little reporter stepped into the venue with ambition."In the past few days, the traffic in the Hanma event was inconvenient. We set off early in the morning. The child is particularly positive. He likes science. We have to bring their children earlier." A parent who arrived earlier wasSaid, "I can grab the opportunity of this event, we cherish and look forward to it."

Listen to experts interpret "foreign invasion creatures"

At 9 o’clock in the morning, the little reporters sat in the front row, ready to accept scientific baptism.What will be reported is Chu Shihai, an expert on the prevention and control of foreign species prevention and control of the Institute of Fandry and Fertilizer of the Institute of Agricultural Sciences of Hubei Province.

The report brought by Chu Shihai is "Foreign Invasion Biological and National Security". He introduced the concepts of foreign invasion species, approach, the current status, impact, prevention and control, etc.In -depth explanation of the risk of invasion of foreign species, analyzing the importance of preventing the invasion of foreign species, and guiding the public how to participate in the prevention and control of foreign invasion species.

Wuhan Science and Technology reporter interviewed Chu Shihai

After the report, Wuhan Science and Technology reporters raised "sharp" scientific issues to Chu Shihai."Why can’t Fushou snails be eaten, but can the Tian snail be eaten? Can ducks eat Fushou snails?" Little reporter Yang Kaixuan asked."Your question is good. You can eat the field snails and Fushou snails, but it is recommended that you do not eat Fushou snails, because the Fushou snail contains a large amount of pathogenic nematodes.In addition, breeding and buying and selling Fushou snails will cause its spread and spread, which seriously endangers agricultural production and ecological environment. Ducks are eaten Fushou snails, so we can cultivate ducks in the place where Fushou snails rampant and let them deal with such malignant foreign invasion species …… "Chu Shihai said.

"Can some foreign creatures be raised as pets?" "Does foreign species have advantages? How can it be used for me?" Chu Shihai sent patient answers to various questions raised by small reporters, although some content was for small reporters for small reportersIt is still a bit esoteric, but this exchange is of great significance for their future exploration.

"In the past, I always felt that experts and scholars were all knowledgeable and serious." An interview and interactive activity changed the impression of scientists. "Teacher Chu is a famous expert, but he answered our little reporter’s question.When I was very patient, humorous, I like to listen to his lectures very much. "

See the national security theme exhibition in the science and technology museum

From watching the special promotional video of the construction of Wuhan National Security Education Base to a series of theme exhibitions such as scientific and technological security, the guardian of the national security representatives and young people’s outstanding calligraphy and painting works; from listening to science science lectures, to face -to -face communication with scientists … Little reporters are on the face of face -to -face …Inside the museum, in the face of the exhibition board, taking pictures for a while, and then lowered his head.Some small reporters tried to describe the excellent painting and calligraphy on their own interview books. Some small reporters copied the popular science content of Guoan Education and marked the focus in order to better understand and record after returning home."The content of national security propaganda and education was so interesting. As a little Wuhan technology reporter, I would also be a propagandist to let everyone strengthen prevention." Said Yang Jincheng.

Watch the theme exhibition in Wuhan Technology

Minor reporters in Wuhan University of Technology are interviewed by the media

Source: Wuhan Science and Technology News

Reporter: Ding Ying Xiao Kai Liu Lian

Edit: Xu Lu

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