"Black Yueguang with stabilization BE script" is strongly pushing the high -scoring disease, and the stamina is too big

"Black Moon Light with Stable BE Script" Author: Viney is a branch

Ingot’s broken thoughts

My friends who are familiar with me know that I have never pursued the hotspot, nor do I care about the old text or the new text. Based on the current preferences, as long as I encounter a good article, I push it.

Many people recommend this book. At that time, I was addicted to farming.

Recently, I want to see some stimulus. When I turn it to this book, I finally understand the mood of everyone at the time!

Okay, let me send some madness of Embers now!

This sickness is really right!

And this plot, what sour plot is this, the energy is too great.

Yuanbao’s reading notes

Li Susu shoulder the mission of saving Cangsheng, and was returned to the elders five hundred years ago to guide the fierce and brutal "demon king".

"Devil" was born with evil bones, and he couldn’t kill at all, and even death would only make him stronger, unless he pulled out his evil bones.

Li Susu is a small spirit bird that grew up in the cleanest Tianyu Xianchi. He has been educated for many years and is bright and cheerful.

Ye Ximu, the original body she attached, has a strong personality and is almost cruel. She is the only daughter -in -law of the everyone’s family. She married the future demon king three months ago.

For the first time, Li Suu’s seeing the future demon king Yantai was not what he thought of it before.

At this time, the outer surface of Yantai was just a weak and beautiful teenager.

He was abandoned since birth. He was six years old at the age of six. When he was a child, he was bullied by everyone as a child. He was bullied by everyone in Daxia.

The only grandmother was treated cruelly to protect him. At a young age, he watched those disgusting scenes.

Even if he married the original owner, he was forced, and he was punished by the original owner. He was beaten by the original owner with a whip every day.

Although Li Susu hated his future brutality, he couldn’t see that he was bullied. She had her own concept of right and wrong. She could kill him in a bright light, but she couldn’t use other people to humiliate 澹 烬.

Such a Li Su Su was born in the darkness in the eyes of Yantai, but Yantai Ember did not know what it meant.

Yantaiwou’s life has never been cared about. He is a natural evil bone. He lacks sympathy, compassion, and does not understand what it means to be shame. What he wants is just wanted.Possessiveness, unrelated to like and care.

Li Susu is the last god of the gods in ancient times. The Emblge of Tantaida is a powerful natural evil thing. They are separated from the middle of the middle.

They fought several times, and at the beginning, Yantai Ember released Chiyan Bee and wanted to kill Li Susu. Later, the day before the Ceremony of Li Suu, the day before the sealing ceremony, the soul tears turned into 6 nails and nailed to the Emblog of Yantai.The heart jumped out of the city tower forever in front of Yantai Ember.

Li Susu became an unexpected accident of Yantai, and did not understand what love was.

He didn’t care about Cangsheng, but he began to care about Lisu’s care, and even transformed his own tombstone. Fantasy was fantasizing that Li Susu helped him engraved because he cared about him.

Since then, the Xinghe fights, and the evil god has fallen.

More than a thousand years later, they went around and got the HE ending.

Novel Consumption Guide

The fateful BE feeling of Li Su Su and Yantai Embers just passed through my face through text.

The development of the two people is called a ups and downs, love and hate, especially when they see that they are in love in the later period, but because of various reasons, they can’t go together.

Is this a male abuse?The hostess?This is me!

Honestly, I haven’t read novels that have been abused in the process for a long time, but even if this is abused, I am strongly recommended!

The more you look!

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