"Be careful not to give birth to a child!" BM girl became popular, and the nutritionist was anxious

Fashion is often new. For girls, buying clothes must keep up with the trend.Prior to the summer of 2020, the "BM Wind" had already become popular. The girl’s clothing of the beautiful young ladies and sisters of various women’s groups, the girl’s clothing of the lattice skirt, and the "BM style" helped.

However, "BM Wind" is also the most controversial fashion trend, and the aesthetic style of a single "white and thin" is also frequently attacked.A "BM girl" height and weight comparison table has shocked many ordinary people.

Many of the Social media this summer are submitted by BM Wind

New fashion this summer:

Weibo Douyin Xiaohongshu, "BM Girl" is hitting his shirt

It was "BM Wind" earlier than summer."BM Wind" is how red. I believe you will see a lot of "BM Wind" and "BM Girls" contributions regardless of your Weibo, Douyin or Xiaohongshu.Many actresses in the entertainment industry are wearing "BM winds", and they also bring this style of dressing, especially the beautiful young ladies and sisters of various drafts on the screen this summer.The "standard" of the plaid mini skirt is actually a typical "BM girl".

The name "BM Wind" comes from the brand name.BM is actually the abbreviation of brand Brandy Melville. It is a fast fashion brand founded in Italy in 1970. The price is very close to the people, and the style is very young. All items are basically within 300 yuan.

But BM is also a controversial brand. Its controversy is that no matter what items, BM only has the average code, and this average is only a small S code.Many girls last second: "I like this clothes, I want to buy it,", the next second: "I’m sorry, I’m too fat, I’m not worthy."

Many of the Social media this summer are submitted by BM Wind

How difficult is it to be a "BM girl"?

165 Height can only be 47 kg!

There is also a height and weight comparison table of "BM Girls" on the Internet. It is so strict for the body. For example, according to the requirements of "BM Girl", if you are 150 cm tall, you can only have 33 kg in weight.; The height of 165 can only be 47 kg.If weigh 61 kg, then I’m sorry, you have to be one meter tall!

BM girls circulating on the Internet

Some girls who are already very thin, in order to be a "BM girl", they have begun to supervise each other on social platforms to check in and lose weight.

At the same time as "Fire Circle", "BM Wind" has also received a lot of criticism. Even if it is a fashion industry, many people think that the brand’s concept does not respect women.But at the same time, many people spoke to the brand, saying that BM’s original intention was to provide suitable clothes for thin girls. The S code of the European code was not as small as expected.People in S code clothes.

Nutritionist said:

The BMI of "BM Girl" is unqualified

150 cm and 33 kilograms. When you see such numbers, even nutritionists feel incredible."This value is too low." Zhou Tong, director of the Nutrition Department of Nanjing BenQ Hospital, told reporters that an important criterion for measuring the degree of fatness and health of the human body is the BMI index.)squared.The BMI index reached a terrible 14.7.

Zhou Tong said that the normal range of BMI China is 18.5-23.9, less than 18.5 thinner, and higher than 23.9 as overweight.Japan and South Korea’s requirements for the BMI index of women are more stringent, but only the upper limit has dropped to 23, and the bottom line is still 18.5.If you use the BMI index to measure, "BM girls" have reached the point of malnutrition.

The female BMI index is less than 18.5, which must be unhealthy."She may have malnutrition such as anemia, which will have an impact on reproductive systems and mental states. Many women who are too thin clinically may have fertility difficulties."

Women in childbearing age should keep the body fat rate of 22%this line

Zhou Tong reminded everyone that, like the BMI index, women should pay attention to the indicator of body fat rate.The body fat rate measures the proportion of fat in the body.Many fitness people will pursue lower body fat rates, but for women, body fat rates also have a bottom line.

"The normal body fat rate of women should be between 18%and 28%. If the body fat rate is less than 17%, the menstruation will not come. If it is lower than 22%, there will be difficulty in pregnancy." Zhou Tong explained that many of them, manyWomen think fat is a "bad thing", the less the better, but the actual situation is not the case. Fat is also the supplementary secretion organs of estrogen. Men’s body fat rate can be lower.Besium below 10%, women should not be less than 18%.If the fat is not enough, the estrogen level is insufficient, and it will also affect the neurological endocrine system, and a series of emotional problems such as irritability will occur.

Small waist, calf …

Slimming don’t simply pursue an absolute number

A female group draft show launched some time ago, at the beginning, there was a gaming link of a waist circumference. The obstacle rod set on the spot, from the first 35 cm to the last 18.5 cm, is thinner than whose waist.The gap between the obstacles passed by the body is the "small waist essence" of the eyeball.The "small waist essence" and "calf essence" prevailed by the young ladies and sisters of the women’s group, and "BM Wind" are also in the same vein.However, the ultimate size of a single part of A4 waist, iPhone legs and other parts cannot become a standard for health or beauty.

Pursuing numbers purely is a slim misunderstanding that many girls will fall into.For example, for example, some girls will say that I must lose weight to 100 pounds and 90 pounds, but they do not care about the content of various ingredients such as physical muscles and fats.Some girls with fitness habits have sufficient muscles. There may be more than 110 kilograms of one meter six, but they are still a thin man visually.It is a hidden fat man.There are also dimensions such as waist circumference, which are not only related to fat and thin, but also related to other factors such as skeleton size. Some girls can be thinner and exercise again, but they may not be thinner "A4 waist".

"To be thin and beautiful, we should first be within a healthy range." Zhou Tong said.

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