"Barbie in the World" Gina is pregnant, the ant waist that once brushed the screen is not there, and the transformation of traffic flowers is temporarily slow.

Recently, Gina, known as "Barbie on Earth", was pregnant.She posted a very obvious picture on her personal social platform.There are piano and babies on the picture, and leave a message: waiting for the niche of the family concert excitedly.

This intention is very obvious, which is equivalent to the official announcement.Since then, Lang Lang also followed up, "TOO waiting for the niche of the family concert excitedly", basically the news of Gina’s pregnancy.

It has been more than a year when the two have held a wedding, and countless fans are looking forward to the two pianists who can give birth to a "little pianist".

Gina made a stunning appearance at the wedding. Germany and South Korea were mixed, with outstanding appearance, high piano skills, and proficient in the six languages, proper life winners, naturally learning.

After the two held the wedding, they thought that Gina would teach his son with peace of mind, but the two played a lot of variety shows.On the show, the newlywed couple showed affection and sprinkled a lot of dog food. Gina also showed her own girl and harvested many fans.

In the show, the innocence of the girl under the face value of Gina’s fairy, and she has countless fans.And she "wants to not be temperature", and she is boasting and cute.This fairy -oriented, envy more girl stars.

Gina’s popularity was so high that even her husband Lang Lang had to "give three points politely."At that time, someone took a picture of the two at the airport. Lang Lang did not mention his luggage to Gina at the time, and Gina held it alone.After the photo was released, Lang Lang was directly scolded on the hot search.Although she explained in all kinds, she still couldn’t calm down public opinion. Finally, she laughed at "she wanted to stick it when she saw her luggage!", Gina also posted a document, "Lang Lang is a pianist, and his hands cannot be injured."

In addition to the little fairy, Gina’s most out of the circle is the ultimate figure of her unlocked model.Gina tested the waist circumference in public on a variety show at the time, and immediately caused heated discussions.Someone measured on the spot that Gina’s waist was only 53cm, which was called "ant waist".

At that time, the program group used Gina’s waistline to continue to hype. Wang Yibo also exposed 58cm in his head. He was thicker than Gina’s waist. It can be seen that his "ant waist" was indeed famous.After that, Gina participated in various activities, and she would use her figure as a highlight, resulting in her often wearing sweater that she often worn has become a network explosion.As a result, she quickly won the reputation of "Barbie on Earth".

It is reported that Liu Tao and Gina, who have always maintained a good figure to participate in the show together, and after touching Gina’s waist, she was amazed: "My God! This waist is too thin, and we lose weight."

Gina’s swan neck and chest and waist proportions. Such a figure is indeed the dream of all girls, and it is even more envious of not girl stars!

Relying on the outstanding figure and face value, and the fairy -oriented setting on the show, Gina has long been a star who does not lose the traffic.According to statistics, in recent months, she has been in more than 200 online hot texts. I am afraid that even the popular young students will have to look back.

With these operations, Gina has obviously signed a agency company. She also expressed her own "singles". It seems that she is very willing to enter the entertainment industry.However, the entertainment industry is a large dye tank, and the works that Gina has not yet available can not last for a long time with traffic blessings.

After this pregnancy, her career may be paused a little.This also gives Gina more thinking about her future space."Ant waist" can be recovered, and she is still young.Whether to introduce the entertainment industry and become a small flowering flower, or a strong work, be a powerful artist, let us wait and see.

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