"A family of five was abducted." Three sisters reunited 41 years later. They knew who the dealers were but could not be arrested. My father regretted his death and continued to find the abducted mothe

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In early July 2022, in a hotel in Nanping, Fujian, the three sisters of Cai Youqun, Cai Youjun, and Cai Youhong finally reunited after 41 years, and the three were so excited that they cried.

41 years ago, the four of the five family of Cai Youhong were abducted.In 2017, she found her dad, and her dad recognized her as her sister "Cai Youqun".In 2019, after her dad died, she continued to find her mother and brother and sister with the regrets of her dad as "Cai Youqun".

In June of this year, she found her brother Cai Youjun, and she recognized it for many days because her brother was unacceptable for a while.Soon, she found "sister", but found that the other party was the real sister "Cai Youqun", and she was the sister "Cai Youhong".

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On July 4, the three sisters and brothers took a car to Pingnan County, Ningde, Fujian.Cai Youhong said, "I hope the traffickers will be punished by the law. They have harmed our wives and scattered, and my father died with regret."

Cai Youhong has no time to stop chewing such a taste, because his mother Lei Yinxiu is 78 years old and still falls unknown, and the three sisters and brothers will embark on the road to find relatives together.

After the three siblings were reunited, Cai Youhong was always very excited.They returned to the places where they lived together and talked about the past."After all, blood is thicker than water, we have endless words." Cai Youhong said.

In an interview with surging news, Cai Youhong said that she is no longer alone, "Our three sisters and brothers want to find a mother together."

The following is the dialogue between surging news and Cai Youhong.

The profile content on Cai Youhong Douyin has been updated to find his mother.

"If you grow up, you must get back my family"

Surging News: How do you think of going to find relatives?

Cai Youhong: When I was abducted, I was five years old and had some memories. At that time, I firmly remembered the information of the missing place and the family.But at that time, I was too young and had no ability, and "supporting the family" would not let me go out.So I want to wait for a little bit of life, so I must go back to my family.

Surging News: When did you start looking for relatives later?

Cai Youhong: At that time, he was almost seventeen or eight years old. At that time, "supporting the family" still didn’t want me to go out.However, I picked the peaches through tea picking and went to the mountain. After saving a little money, I secretly ran to Nanping from Pingnan, and felt that it was the place where I was abducted.Later, when I got married, I had children. For my child, I moved out to work outside (city) outside.

Surging News: How is your "supporting family" condition?

Cai Youhong: When he was a child, he was sold to the family of Tong Yang.At that time, the "supporting the family" was very poor at home, and the conditions were very poor. I didn’t want to mention it anymore.It was a particularly painful memory, and now it will feel sad now.Anyway, it is growing in pain.

Surging News: What is the attitude towards you at home?

Cai Youhong: The family members are not opposed, but they will not take the initiative to help me do anything.

Every year on the New Year, they are so sad when they see me, and they are crying there when they cry there.Every year, I just think of my loved ones, my heart is really like a knife cut.My husband accompanied me, because it was Mother’s Day, I sat there and kept crying stupidly.When he saw me crying so sadly, he said, "I’m going to find you."

Surging News: How do you find relatives for so many years?

Cai Youhong: I will go to Nanping for a few days every other year or two. I remember that my father was called by others before, and I asked everywhere in Jianyang District, Nanping: "Do you recognize the old man in Cai" "Know what he lives. "I remember that I was trafficking at the time of the landlord at the time, and then I went to the landlord every time.

I have no other clues, so I can only ask him.I said, "Where do you turn my sister and brother and mother? Please tell me." But no matter what, he just said nothing.

Surging News: Can you determine that the landlord is a trafficker? Have you been arrested now?

Cai Youhong: OK is a trafficker.After I found my sister, my sister said that she saw the photo that day and said that she was trafficked by the landlord that year.My sister was sold to Putian by 300 yuan. I was sold to Pingnan, Fujian by 300 yuan.My sister even said the name of his three brothers. After all, my sister has more memories than me.

It is just that the public security organs have said that the prosecution period has passed for so many years. Without full evidence, there is no way to catch people casually.However, the police handling the case also went to investigate, and they had all been looking for them, and the work was always doing.I think I am the biggest evidence myself.

I hope that the laws in the future will be improved. All of this will be caused by traffickers. Otherwise, how happy my family is now, it makes my mother’s whereabouts are unknown now, and I don’t know if it is still alive.

I feel that there is a "maid family" all of a sudden

Surging News: How did I find my father later?

Cai Youhong: In mid -October 2017, when he went to Jianyang, Nanping, he met his brother -in -law’s brother -in -law.I told him the situation at the time, and then he asked his friends, and his friend knew the whereabouts of my father.

The next day, my husband, my uncle, and the landlord’s brother -in -law and his friends went to find my father together.I found my father in a village in Jian’ou.

Surging News: Didn’t the family live in Jianyang before being abducted? How can I find a father near Jian’ou?How about my father’s life for so many years?

Cai Youhong: My father went to us or the landlord, but the landlord refused to say that we were abducted.His father was desperate, and a person went out to a village in Jian’ou, but he was very close to Jianyang.

He has lived there for more than ten years.I met a kind village cadre in the local area and introduced him to the cafeteria for cooking for more than ten years.Later, she met a kind aunt. Her husband died. She saw that her father was helpless outside and kept him at home.

When the father was found, the aunt was still there.Fortunately, the aunt took him, otherwise it would be on the streets, and I didn’t know wherever I was in the second half of my life.After my father died, I also went to see her in the New Year, and I have always regarded my aunt as my mother.

Surging News: Can you remembers the scene of recognition with his father anymore.

Cai Youhong: At that time, I was very excited, and I thought it was so close to it. Why did I meet each other after so many years?He even hated why he didn’t come to me.

He said that Pingnan is so large, there is no specific address, "how can I find you."At that time, the meeting was excited. "Why not come to me" was also a bit of anger. Later, I slowly understood the situation of my father.

Surging News: Did your father tell you that when you were abducted at home, only when he was alone?

Cai Youhong: I said.This blow that life gives him is completely unbearable.So the whole person is crazy, drinking all day.By borrowing wine to dispel sorrow, you can only rely on alcohol anesthesia.

Surging News: Can you talk about your life with your father in detail?

Cai Youhong: After finding him, he recognized each other and returned that night.Because my daughter was studying in elementary school, I entrusted her to the next door, so I had to come back.It is impossible to leave your daughter again on others.

A few days later, my father and aunt came to Pingnan to see me. I was very happy and excited at the time.Later, I went to Jian’ou to see my father when I was free. My father would come here a few times a year, and I would live for a few days each time.

Get back with the help of public security and media to find sisters and brothers

Surging News: How did you find relatives through the Internet?

Cai Youhong: In the first half of this year, I made a tracing notice on Douyin.Teacher Deng Fei, who "Hua Kailing Xunzi", came and arranged for Mr. Zhang Shu to contact me to help me spread the information.The spread of information spread is great, which attracts attention.

Du Da (one of the prototypes of the movie "Dear") was also recommended by Mr. Zhang Shu. Later, Shangguan justice (famous volunteer volunteer) and Sun Haiyang (one of the prototypes of the movie "Dear") helped me.Du Du taught me to send Weibo and drove me to Nanping to report the case.

Du Du is the kind of person who is willing to rain himself and is also having an umbrella for others.I also hope that Du Du will find his child Xiaomica soon. After all, he also helps many families reunite. I also hope to end this day of running east and west as soon as possible.

With their strength, we have hope at home.It was Du Du’s help, let us see hope.

Surging News: This year’s report, the police soon helped you find your loved ones. Have you reported the case before?

Cai Youhong: I have reported the case before, but I have never retrieved their loved ones.This time, Du Du asked me to send a Weibo to help Nanping Public Security.It may be more influential, and Nanping’s side is paid attention to, and it is quickly found.

Thanks to them, the police did work hard to help me find my brother and sister.

Now that relatives may use some channels on the Internet, it is more important. This time, I am very grateful to Du Du and thank him for giving me strong support. Without his help, I may not have the reunion of my three sisters today.There are Shangguan justice, Sun Haiyang, and Teacher Deng Fei and Mr. Zhang Shu, who have helped a lot to take care of me.It’s a noble person I am lucky.

Surging News: Do you go smoothly after seeing your younger brother?

Cai Youhong: My brother found it at the time, but did not want to see me, because the trafficker said that he was sold by his biological parents, and his brother had always had a knot.

Later, it was clear that my brother still didn’t know how to face me, and then I really couldn’t wait.I went to him by myself.In fact, he didn’t recognize me. He wanted to recognize me. He was ready. He wore red short sleeves and took a bouquet of flowers to wait for me.

Maybe he wanted to be a little low -key, and he didn’t let the media over when he met.He may be a little scared in his heart. He doesn’t know how to face it. After all, we haven’t met for 41 years.

Surging News: Can you recall you to see your sister with your brother.

Cai Youhong: The good news of finding my sister really came too suddenly.I never dreamed.

That night, I originally took my brother to the cemetery to worship my father, but a heavy rain was blocked before going out.After more than an hour, the rain stopped, and the Nanping Public Security Bureau called and said that I had my sister’s information, which made me go back immediately.

I said that I couldn’t find a car here, and the police of Nanping Public Security drove directly to pick us up.

At nearly 7 o’clock, we were in the conference room, and my sister stood there.My brother and I walked in, and I felt stunned, might be excited, and I didn’t know how to face my sister.I want to say a lot, but I don’t know where to start.

My brother didn’t know what to say, and felt that he hadn’t seen him for so many years, as if he had no impression of his sister.Then my sister opened her hand, and we used to hug her, and my brother rushed over.My sister and I were crying.My brother didn’t cry very much, the boy was more strong.

Three sisters and brothers look for mom together

Surging News: Has my sister come to you for so many years?

Cai Youhong: Her sister did not go to school in "raising her family", she didn’t know how to find it.But she often cried sadly there, and she said she wanted to come out, but she didn’t know how to find it, and she didn’t know where to find it.

Surging News: How is your education?

Cai Youhong: I also studied in the third grade.Later, he had to find relatives, literacy, and then using those media or something, all of them rely on yourself.If you walk this way, you must learn it yourself.For such a long journey, you can’t ask others to help everything.I do n’t understand, I go to learn, and ask if I do n’t understand.Now that the Internet is developed, a lot can be learned on TV phones.

Surging News: How do my sister and brother have spent the years?

Cai Youhong: Sister, like me, was very bitter when she was a child.My brother is okay, he "supports his family" loves him.Now they live well, and I am more bitter.Because I just feel that I have found them very tired and hard over the years.My brother has always said that my sister has worked hard. Without your dedication, we have no reunion today.

My sister is now aunt, and the younger brother’s child is still young.There are three sisters in the "supporting family" who love him. It is very happy. His daughter is only 7 years old, and his son is born shortly.My son is 28 years old and has been engaged to prepare for them to get married.My daughter is 16 years old and has a lot of life.

Surging News: Do you and my sister and brother are together for so many days?

Cai Youhong: Yes.From retrieved sister and brother, we played together until July 14.

On the afternoon of the 4th, I took my brother and sister to our disappearance place that year, and helped my sister to find memories and stayed with her everywhere.On the 5th, he brought his sister to Pingnan.

My neighbors in this village were very good and enthusiastic. I bought a very large firecracker to welcome them.My son was in Fuzhou, so everyone went to Fuzhou again and one night.My daughter -in -law is also very happy. It is not easy to find aunt and uncle for so many years.

These days, my sister and brother have always lived in my home in Pingnan.Here are large and small places such as Baishuiyang Scenic Area.My brother doesn’t love to appear very much. After a walk, I have been walking around, so I secretly shoot videos to send vibrato.

My brother is really happy. Now it has changed a lot. It really made me look at it. At first, I felt that he was a bit indifferent, but now I have been in contact for a long time, and I feel like a very kind warm man.He looked naughty on the surface, but his heart was kind.

This is the happiest moment in my life.I play with them every day, and I went to Bai Shuiyang that day.

Surging News: Do you want to say something to other family -looking families?

Cai Youhong: Anyway, we must be strong, and we must take care of our body ourselves.If you are not strong, you can’t find them.So we must be strong. No matter what the road is, we must persist before we can see hope.I also hope that these abducted children can also stand up bravely and take the initiative to find their biological parents.

Surging News: Do you agree to meet with your sister and brother next time?

Cai Youhong: Now because of the epidemic, I don’t expect to do it, but it is not to say that if you find it, you will live together every day and meet every day.

I know they are all good, and then walk a little by the holidays, and then you can call a video call. After all, there are everyone’s life of everyone.We can’t stick together every day. As long as we walk around for the New Year, we will often contact us.

In the festival, you don’t have to cry, and you won’t cry anymore.Now they will give me a video and ask for a chat, everyone will feel better, and slowly get better day by day.

Surging News: Do you plan to find a mother now, or do you have no news at all?

Cai Youhong: Hearing them said that his mother was trafficked to Jinan, Shandong.But I have no photos, no detailed address, and I do n’t remember the birthmark or something. This is really difficult. I can only ask the public security to find a way to help find it.Fortunately, I am no longer alone. Our three sisters have to find a mother together.

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